Distribuciones del Jamón Cerezo, from Terrassa, has been awarded in the category “Entrepreneurship” by La Cambra 2015.

Created in 1964 in Terrassa, Distribuciones del Jamón Cerezo SL is dedicated to the wholesale trade of meat and meat products and sale and handling of hams, shoulders, sausages, cheeses. The company specializes in the drying and curing process of hams and shoulders, an activity that develops in the new facilities that the company has in Serón (Almería). Its founder, Antonio Cerezo, started precisely the activity of the company with the sale of hams from its original population, Serón. The company, which also sells, manufactures and commercializes Christmas lots throughout Catalonia, as well as the distribution of wines and champagnes of large brands and, in addition, sells oil, preserves, smoked products and spirits, has a Total 1,500 product references. As of 1975, the company began in a growth phase that had its culminating moment in 1988 with the inauguration of new facilities of 1,400 m2 and the first own store “Iberian handicrafts”. In 1990, the company experienced a strong growth rate of the order of 20% throughout the decade after the opening of new stores in El Hostitalet and Cornella de Llobregat and in 2000 it began its export activity accompanied by a process of expansion of facilities and Opening of new points of sale. With a turnover of more than 16 million Euros, 20% comes from exports, Distribuciones del Jamón Cerezo has a portfolio of more than 6,000 customers and markets more than 220 thousand pieces of ham and more than 40,000 lots in the year. The company with a professional team of 56 workers, regularly exports in France, Portugal, Germany, Andorra, United Kingdom, Italy, Sweden, Czech Republic, Hungary, Holland, Belgium, Denmark and Finland. With a clear customer orientation, the company currently recognized for the quality of its products and its service, adapted to the preferences of its customers and guaranteeing deliveries in less than 96 hours in any country in Europe.