Jamones Cerezo amplia existencias. (Expansión)

The maker and distributor of paletas and hams is going to invest seven millions of euros in order to relocate and extend its premises.

Jamones Cerezo is popular among the Iberic ham lovers from Terrassa and surroundings. Supplier of restaurants and delicatessen, this family-owned company sells 220,000 hams each year, with a turnover of 11,7 millions of euros.

Founded in 1965 by Antonio Cerezo, born in Serón (Almería), it started as a little grocery store, that became over the years a dynamic SME …

Fundada en 1965 por Antonio Cerezo, nacido en Serón (Almería), empezó como un pequeño comercio de ultramarinos, que con los años se ha convertido en una pyme dinámica…

2006 Expansión
José Antonio Roldán, director of Jamones Cerezo.