Embutidos serranos Chopo is a brand with a very clear philosophy: the production of homemade sausages through the use of high quality raw materials.

Chopo, defends the artisanal production where the quality and the authentic flavour prevail. For that reason, the cured Sausages Serrano Chopo is a bet for the quality, the natural and the commitment in each product.

Serrano cured sausages are made exclusively with the noblest parts of the pigs of the Grupo ROMA slaughterhouse and in the most natural way possible, such as the smoked products obtained by burning beech wood, which will make you enjoy an unmistakable flavour and unique.

Soler, dedicated to the elaboration and commercialization of a complete range of typical regional mountain sausages of Majorca, among them «Sobrasada de Mallorca», being specialized in «Sobrassada de Porc Negre de Mallorca».

Our most precious product, Sobrasada de Porc Negre (Black Pig), is made from local porks from the Balearic Islands. Both its ingredients and its preparation make the Sobrasada de Mallorca the one with more traditional taste.

Morcillas La Ribera has always focused its efforts on the union of the best raw materials, with the most rigorous quality and packaging controls and the most advanced technologies that allow to preserve intact all the aroma and flavor.

Morcillas La Ribera is, nowadays, the reference company in the world of Morcilla de Burgos.