Distribution of Vegetable Preserves

Conservas Picuezo is a company dedicated to the manufacture and marketing of canned vegetables founded in 1918.

Through almost 100 years of experience, Picuezo has come to know and dominate the sector, becoming one of the most important companies in it.

In preserves Serrano, pioneers in the elaboration of artisan vegetable preserves, use as raw material fruits and vegetables of the best quality, obtained from the heart of the Rioja orchard (Ribera del Ebro). During the manufacture of their products, they give them a totally handmade treatment.

Conserves Ferrer, is concerned about the needs of the market, for it, has diversified its offer and has more than 150 references of food. The range of products includes creams, sauces, vegetable preserves, canned fish and seafood and legumes, in addition to recent additions such as paellas or tortilla/omelette preparations.

In 1985 and from the small town of Suflí (Almería), Industrias Alimentarías Suflí was born.

They have been able to gather the tradition of the artisan elaboration of the salad of roasted pepper to the coal with tomato, to realize a perfect accompaniment for meats and fish giving results of maximum quality and leaving its sign of identity.