Distribution of canned fish

When it comes to natural products of the sea nothing can fail, so that gastronomy professionals know well what to look for in a brand like Gimar. Specialists in salmon and cod, Gimar is a safe and quality bet.

Mariscos Gilmar is a company located in the heart of the Ría de Arousa (Spain) dedicated exclusively to the processing and marketing of octopus.

The mission of Gilmar seafood is to guarantee the naturalness that characterises our product, being present throughout the entire production process, from the selection and purchase of the raw material, to reaching a final product. We select and control the raw material in the best recognized origins for the octopus. Octopus from the Galician estuaries and Octopus from Dakhla.

Escuris was born in 1939 in A Pobra do Caramiñal, on the banks of the Ria de Arousa, where he produces canned fish and seafood.

The selection of its raw materials and the careful elaboration following the artisan methods, have turned Escurís products into a guarantee of quality and a reference in prestigious preserves.

Rianxeira has been around for 60 years preserving the best of the sea to take home and you can enjoy eating fish and seafood preserves of the best quality and with that unmistakable taste of the sea. Quality is our biggest premise. For this reason, canned fish prepared by Rianxeira, both in their own brand and in the distributor’s brand, are a guarantee.

Yurrita was founded in 1867 in Mutriku (Gipuzkoa) for the production of salted anchovies, as well as pickles from other fish.

Nowadays, Yurrita, under its brand LOREA GOURMET, has developed new fish preserves maintaining the quality, artisanship and tradition as the main characteristics of each of them.

El Pescador de Villagarcía is a family business from Valladolid specialized in the own elaboration of artisan fish preserves, such as smoked sardines.

El Pescador de Villagarcía also distributes delicatessen products, elaborated by means of artisan processes, without any type of artificial preservatives. A rigorous selection of the most exclusive gourmet products allows us to work in restaurants throughout Spain.