In Cerezo we are authorized distributors of top brands in the food sector, in particular for acorn-fed Iberian hams such as Cinco Jotas (5J), Sánchez Romero Carvajal (SRC), COVAP and BEHER.

Moreover, we offer two different kind of cured sausages: Ibéricos and Serranos. For the Ibéricos we represent Cinco Jotas (5J), Sánchez Romero Carvajal (SRC), Ibéricos COVAP, Valle de Encinares or BEHER. For Serrano cured sausages we represent brands like CHOPO, ROMA, SOLER or La Ribera.

However, our wide range of products is not only composed of ham and cured sausages, we also offer Spanish cheeses such as COVAP, BOFFARD, CADÍ, President, Flor Esgueva or Don Ismael. Our cheeses are made by cow milk, goat milk, sheep milk or a mix.

We all know that the greatest slice of ham or piece of cheese are not the same without a glass of wine or Cava, and this is why we also offer wines and Cavas from Codorníu, Vallformosa, bodegas Faustino, bodegas Lan, Osborne, Juvé & Camps and many others.

We still have more products to offer: canned fish, canned vegetables, typical sauces and oils from Spain. Some canned fish brands represented by us are GIMAR, YURRITA, ESCURIS, GILMAR, RIANXEIRA or Pescador de Villagarcía. Some of the canned vegetables brands we manage are Picuezo, Ferrer, Conservas Serrano or Sufli.

We complement the distribution of food products by arranging specific agreements with other brands.