Ham’s company

In Distribuciones del Jamón Cerezo we operate in the food sector and groupage, being the pork meat products and specially ham our core-business. The company has an experience of over 50 years and a wide range of products. We believe that the only way to keep moving forward is to preserve the high quality, combined with a fair and honest pricing policy. On top of that, the support and after-sales service we offer is highly appreciated for our customers, more than 5.000 in Spain.


The company was founded in 1965 by Antonio Cerezo operating a small shop in Terrassa, a city near Barcelona, bringing the hams from his hometown Seron. Current CEO J.A. Roldán joined the company a few years later and, gradually, the company’s reputation increased. Soon, the little store had become a 150m2 wholesale store.

In the 80s, the company signed the first distribution agreements with top brands COVAP & Sánchez Romero Carvajal (5J). In 1998, the company went one step further opening the new facilities (1.400m2). During the 90s, the company grew over 20% per year and started the groupage production in order to sell Christmas lots.

From year 2000 onwards, not only new distribution agreements are signed with Codorniu, Coqueva, Jamones de Juviles and Aceites Virgen del Rosario, but the company starts the export activity by taking part in international fairs. In 2007, the company moves to its new facilities (7.500m2) to align production and logistics.

In 2011, the company acquires the hams’ dryer Jamones de Seron, whose facilities’ capacity is 7.000m2 and can produce up to 200.000 pieces a year. In 2015, the company acquires a new production plant in Jabugo named Altanza Jabugo (9.000m2 and up to 150.000 pieces). Nowadays, the turnover is over 20M€ and the company has proven sales in more than 10 countries.