Distribution of Oils and Olives


Sra. del Rosario Nueva Carteya Oil
Juice of healthy olives, obtained from the varieties of picuda and picual, at the best moment of collection to conserve all its aroma and flavor. Clean appearance, old gold color, soft and sweet taste. This oil is pure liquid gold.








The BEAS Campo San Bartolomé Cooperative was created in 1942, being the oldest oil cooperative in the province of Huelva.
Thanks to its experience in the cultivation of olives, OLIBEAS brings to its table natural juice of olives of the highest quality.




karina Olives cerezoManufacturers of green olives stuffed with anchovy, tuna, lemon, pepper, olives with bone, boned olives, black olives, sliced olives, olives (boned, boned, stuffed with garlic, almonds and gherkins) and a wide range of Pickles (banderillas, gherkins, onions, capers, etc.)